Prevention, the best remedy for busted pipes this winter

Prevention, the best remedy for busted pipes this winter

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LUBBOCK, Texas -

Wednesday marked the first time since Saturday morning temperatures in Lubbock have reached above freezing. 

The much needed warmth allowed some thawing out. It comes with its share of problems though, such as leaky pipes.

"Typically we go from one or two when it's in the 20s but when it goes into the teens or single digits we'll get 20 or 30 calls where people have frozen pipes," said Mark Branscome, Lowery Plumbing, Heating, and Air Condition.

When those pipe begin to warm up Branscome said the cracks from the expansion during freezing open up, allowing water to flow into your home.

He said the best thing you can do, don't let them freeze in the first place.

"Open up the doors to get an area that has water exposed, particularly the North side of the home or any side that's shaded or exposed to the elements, make sure you open those doors, at least get some conditioned air in there to warm it up. If you really feel a lot of cold air coming out of that cabinet some of those small space heaters will help."

Other things you can do include allowing your faucets to drip, leaving your heat on, and wrapping your pipes with insulation. 

If your pipes have frozen and you are concerned about leaks, he said to get the water turned off in the house until it can be fixed.

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