Rack House restaurant closed, employees kicked out

Rack House restaurant closed, employees kicked out

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The Rack House near 76th and Milwaukee is closed for not paying its rent. A notice from the landlord was posted to the front door Wednesday.

Edie Beltran, who says she was a former prep manager there, says there was no notice that the restaurant was closing. She says a man from the bank came and kicked everyone out before changing the locks.

"I wish y'all would step forward and let us know what the hell is going on," she said. "I mean, y'all got bills like we got bills and it's just not right. Y'all knew -- apparently from the bank, the bank said -- 30 days ago that we're getting evicted, and today's the 30th day. Thanks Alicia and Don."

Beltran says she intends to sue. 

In a statement, part-owner James Beasley says he regrets the business is closing. "We were a small locally-owned business trying to make it in a big market," the statement read. "And the business just struggled to pay for itself." Beasley thanks the restaurant's loyal customers and the people who helped along the way.

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