Mayor says joining ERCOT will bring businesses to Lubbock

Mayor says joining ERCOT will bring businesses to Lubbock

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Lubbock Mayor Dan Pope says joining the Electric Reliability Council of Texas will help bring businesses to the city.

In his testimony to the state's Public Utility Commission, Mayor Pope lays out the city's desire to join a competitive energy market.

He said it's not just his constituents wanting cheaper, competitive rates, but prospective businesses are concerned about energy.

Pope said Lubbock's energy consumers are very diverse, including Texas Tech and the hospital district.

"From these two pillars of our community, to our large industrial businesses, to our many small businesses and residential consumers...
having the opportunity of customer choice in electric plans will help to drive Lubbock's economic prosperity."

Supporting the mayor's testimony, is director of electric utilities, David McCalla.

He testified joining ERCOT will provide an improved regulatory environment, a simpler and more equitable rate structure and provide choice.

He said the Southwest Power Pool puts LP&L customers at an economic disadvantage, forcing them to pay higher costs than most other retailers.

During his testimony, McCalla said customer choice is about more than economics,

"It is about allowing customers to decide what percentage of renewable energy they purchase, to choose whether they want long or short-term service and to select from many other features and options that are available from a multitude of different retail electric providers," he said. Retail competition is simply not available -- and may never be available -- in the Southwest Power Pool."

Pope said he will ask the City Council to memorialize the city's intent to research the best way to transition into ERCOT at the next regular meeting. That way, it's ready if the Public Utility Commission approves the change.

Mayor Dan Pope releases statement regarding his testimony filed on behalf of the City of Lubbock to the Public Utility Commission:  

Today, I filed testimony to continue the process for Lubbock to join the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT). At this phase of the process, I need to let my testimony speak for itself. I remain committed to a successful transition and opportunity to bring the most reliable and cost effective power possible to our citizens.

I will request that the City Council discuss a resolution to memorialize the City’s intent to carefully research the best way to transition our citizens to the retail electric market upon Public Utility Commission approval of our entry into the ERCOT market.

Mayor Pope's testimony attached below: 

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