Anxiety becoming a real issue among teens

Anxiety becoming a real issue among teens


There is a growing number of teens facing severe anxiety but there is also a way parents can help.

Many studies cite academic pressures to succeed, social media acceptance and self-esteem among the top triggers.

Experts also say the rise in teen anxiety cases may really be a reflection of more awareness and acceptance of the condition.

There's medication and even an app that can help. It's called "Mindshift" and helps with breathing and distraction.

Here's a list of local clinics and therapists that can help with anxiety issues:

  • Covenant Children's Hospital
    • (806) 725-0000
  • Shiloh Counseling Services
    • (806) 794-3232
  • Honor Your Path Counseling (Neetu Smith, Ph.D, LMFT)
    • (806) 589-6474
  • Therapractic Management Systems
    • (806) 576-2745
  • Heather Barden, M.Ed., LPC
    • (806) 370-0335

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