Holidays challenge recovering addicts; how to avoid relapse

Holidays challenge recovering addicts; how to avoid relapse

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LUBBOCK, Texas -

The holiday season can be joyful and stressful time for anyone. For alcoholics and addicts in recovery, it is common for relapse to occur more frequently.

Lyndon Locke was an addict for 25 years. In April, he will be six years sober.

"When I came here, I was broken." Locke said. "I was sad, I was depressed, I was spiritually bankrupt, physically bankrupt, and when I walked into the doors, people didn't really judge me for who I was." 

The Lubbock Faith Center gave him support and guidance to keep clean. Now, as a supervisor, it is his mission to pass that on to others.

"We as a community just want those that are hurting to know that we are here for them," Locke said.

However, during the holidays, there is a lot more temptation out there.

"Some of our clients have been able to go around some of their people, to just be able to show them that they love them." Locke said. "But they don't stay there if they start drinking and certainly if family members are pulling out drugs."

Stephen O'Dell co-owns "Stages of Recovery" Addiction Services. He said sometimes a lack of family is to blame.

"Sometimes what happens in the holiday season is they break down in the support system," O'Dell said.

O'Dell said for someone struggling with addiction, the absence of support leads to further depression and abuse.

"For some reason during these types of seasons, it's harder for people to reach out." O'Dell said. "That's all it is and so it's not a shortage of resources, it's not that there's not a support system that they can find that will help them, it's harder for them to pick up the phone and call around these times." 

"Stages of Recovery" hosts a sober event specifically for New Years. It provides an environment addicts can enjoy and avoid temptations.

"Usually the social norm is to drink and to party, and things that like, and for the people that don't do that, they don't really have a lot of stuff to do." O'Dell said. "So stages of recovery we try to provide an environment for them to have a good time in." 

For Locke and Lubbock Faith Center, a part of recovery is taking it day by day and trusting in God.

"For today, we're going to trust you." Locke said. "For today, and as we do that together, we know that it's not a me program, it's a we program." 

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