Salvation Army's 'Survive The Night' aids homeless

Salvation Army's 'Survive The Night' aids homeless

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LUBBOCK, Texas -

The Salvation Army is fighting off the cold with its clients, encouraging homeless people to take refuge at the agency's shelter.

The "Survive The Night" program sends the canteen bus out to actively search for anyone struggling with the low temperature and no shelter. 

"We're looking for the hard-core street folks, the ones that are actually living under bushes or behind swing sets or whatever," said Dave Freriks with the Lubbock Salvation Army. "Generally, on a good night, we'll find maybe 45 of 'em, somewhere. So, I figure we're getting about two-thirds of the ones in the greater downtown area."

If the Army finds someone and fails to recruit them, volunteers provide extra blankets and clothes, along with hot chocolate, coffee and food. The canteen generally rolls out any time there's a forecast of the temperature staying below 30 degrees.

If you'd like to help click here for the Lubbock Salvation Army. 

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