12-year-old gives to homeless for Christmas

12-year-old gives to homeless for Christmas

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LUBBOCK, Texas -

While most kids are patiently waiting for gifts Christmas morning, Nikolle Solis had a different wish in mind. 

It began when she was curious why there were not any presents under the tree. Her mother, Amy Solis said her husband took the opportunity to teach her a lesson. 

"Her dad was telling her about Christmas, the real meaning of Christmas." Amy said. "How it's about giving, not receiving."

After her father explained Christmas is not about fancy gifts, an idea sparked.

"Homeless people and other people don't get Christmas." Nikolle said. "So I thought if they don't get Christmas, I can help them by giving them Christmas."

The 12-year-old approached her parents, and within a week they were able to collect a variety of items.

"We got together with the community." Amy said.  "She wrote letters to the banks, and various businesses and they've come together and we've got bags of food, blankets, jackets." 

Just in time for Christmas, Nikolle's wish came true.

"They're getting a Christmas and seeing them smiling, it makes me really happy," Nikolle said. 

Nikolle, her mother, father, and a friend from school went out on Saturday morning and handed out what all they've collected to those in need.

"I love that feeling you know, because I'm a giving person." Amy said. "I'll give anybody the shirt off my back, and to be able to pass that down to my child, and see these people just have a smile on their face." 

Nikolle's mother understands what it is like to need help from others.

We didn't have much for Christmas this year so, I had to get help from Churches to get Christmas for my kids this year." Amy said. "This is kind of our way of paying it forward, to the Churches, to help others, and hopefully others will pay it forward also."

For Amy, seeing the good in her daughter's  heart was her greatest gift.
"A lot of these homeless don't have families, they don't have anybody." Amy said. "Just to see a little girl cares, kids at school wrote Christmas cards to put in every bag so each person has something, you know to make them feel warm that day, that's our goal." 

Nikolle hopes that she can set an example that regardless of the circumstances, you can help others.

"It's just we need more good in the community, and more good in the world." Nikolle said. "So if more and more people help like I am, maybe the world can become a better place." 

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