Lubbock Police pledge safety and commitment to downtown

Lubbock Police pledge safety and commitment to downtown

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LUBBOCK, Texas -

The downtown redevelopment plan is in full effect, but there are some business owners concerned about safety amidst all the expansion and growth. For Lubbock Police Chief, Greg Stevens it's become a personal mission to address the safety aspect of the growth. His response is simple more boots on the ground. 

"A couple of things we have added features wise is some overtime spots," said Stevens. "Also some of the officers that work in the police department administrative roles mine included we get out during the day at times and kind of get out and walk around."

Along with simply being there the officers will be taking some unique approaches to getting around.

"You may see a pair of officers, you may see four officers," said Stevens. " They'll be some on horse back, they'll be officers on bicycles, some in cars of course and than again a very fundamental part of police work is you will see some foot patrols as well."

Business owners and employees see the increase in patrolling a positive move. 

"You know as far as them walking or patrolling it would be a good thing," said Daniel Torrez, owner of Giorgio's Pizza. "Especially for the people that are not always in down town you know they are not use to I guess the surroundings that we have down here." 

Chief Greg Stevens said there'll be a new downtown police unit dedicated to patrols starting this weekend. They'll be focusing in the evenings across downtown and the neighboring Depot District. 


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