Procrastinators unite: Last minute Christmas shopping is upon us

Procrastinators unite: Last minute Christmas shopping is upon us

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LUBBOCK, Texas -

Rev your engines for the holiday homestretch. Procrastinators: this is your year. This season we've got an extra shopping day between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Overall, nationwide retailers have seen positive shopping trends this holiday season, setting them up for a profitable final weekend for sales.

Ashley Knox with the South Plains Mall said she's seen good traffic this month, and expects a busy weekend.

"When there is a weekend and Christmas falls at the beginning of the week, it is always a busy weekend. We have had four weekends to shop this year, which is a lot and sometimes leads to more last minute shoppers than in years when it's late in the week."

With a lot of shoppers comes a lot of parking trouble.

"We have our entrance that we always go in. This time of year is a good reminder to remember that there's parking 360 degrees around the property," Knox said.

To make your last minute shopping life a little easier, have a list.

"Come with a plan when you're coming out shopping. Know what you're looking for," Knox said. "Bring your cheer with you and know that everyone is in the same boat."

Hopefully you'll get what you came to the store for.

"Have backup gift ideas. When you last minute shop, sometimes you're going to miss out on that perfect gift, but a good backup gift makes all the difference in the world and can really ease the stress."

It may pay to procrastinate.

"You will find this weekend, a lot of stores have done a great job making sure they've restocked on those super popular items. You're also going to see some stores that have taken great items and have reduced them just a little bit and have brought in some special packaging with it."

The merge between online and in-store pickup can save you some hassle.

"We're seeing a lot of ease, because you still get that instant gratification of getting to pick it up withing 24-48 hours. It also helps drive traffic into their stores," Knox said. "You can see some of the in store only bundles they have and deals and special items."

Friday is projected to be the busiest shopping day in terms of both online and in-store sales, followed by Saturday and Sunday, which will see the heaviest store traffic.

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