National Wind Institute awards $1.4 million research contract

National Wind Institute awards $1.4 million research contract

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LUBBOCK, Texas -

The research project covers four hurricane seasons and will allow the National Wind Institute to upgrade and expand its equipment.

Texas Tech University’s National Wind Institute (NWI) has been awarded a four-year research contract from Risk Management Solutions (RMS), a catastrophe risk modeling company, worth $1.46 million. The award is part of a larger project to quantify wind and storm surge damage following a hurricane for cases where the damage levels are catastrophic and there is minimal information remaining on which to base the claims.

This research contract will allow the NWI to continue and expand its work and research.

NWI has a rich history in hurricane research, and that well-respected history, as well as its unique capabilities, helped win the research contract.

Texas Tech’s meteorological observing station, known as “StickNet” because it resembles a stick figure, collects data that will be invaluable to RMS.

With the upgraded and expanded measurement systems, NWI will conduct research to better understand the variability of the low level wind field and help create a more accurate wind field of record, which will help insurance companies determine what percentage of damage to a structure was due to wind or due to storm surge. It also will help engineers design better structures by knowing more about how the wind might affect them.

(Information courtesy of Texas Tech University)

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