Former Cal Farley's Boys Ranch residents claim abuse years later

Former Cal Farley's Boys Ranch residents claim abuse years later

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Some former residents of Cal Farley's Boys Ranch claim they were abused while sheltered there, over a span of 40 years. The privately funded faith-based residential home is near Amarillo.

In an article in The Guardian the complainants who lived there between the 60s and the 90s claim they were physically, emotionally or sexually abused on a regular basis. They say they were also subject to medical neglect and labor exploitation.

The Child Friendly Faith Project, a non-profit agency, reports Cal Farley CEO Dan Adams acknowledges those survivors are telling the truth. 

Adams publicly apologized, writing "it is for these reasons that regulatory oversight and strength-based models of care in this field evolved...and Cal Farley's strives to be a leader in observing both."

Victims say that's not enough. They want restitution and for the ranch to change the name of one of its dorms.

Janet Heimlich with The Child Friendly Faith Project says Adams shames the victims by saying "not everyone who participated in the programs was helped." 

She says it's clear the ranch wanted to do the absolute minimum, so the issue, and the survivors, would go away. 

It's important to note Cal Farley's Boys Ranch is in the Panhandle. It has absolutely no affiliation with the Texas Boys Ranch in Lubbock.

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