Icy road prevention work begins ahead of winter conditions

Icy road prevention work begins ahead of winter conditions

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LUBBOCK, Texas -

Interstate travel is most common during the winter months due to the holiday season and with icy weather passing through the state safe roadways are a top priority for TxDOT. Keeping drivers safe and roads ice free takes more than just one day's work. TxDOT has already begun working on it's winter road preparation. 

"We started pre-treating the bridges and overpasses with the brine solution", said Dianah Ascencio, Public Information Officer for Lubbock's TxDOT office. "The elevated structures are the first parts of the road  to freeze, so we wanted to make sure that we at least had those covered in case we did see some wintry weather." 

New technology advances are helping crews stay ahead before the storms roll through. While TxDOT handles the highways, the city of Lubbock's public works office stays ready to take care of the streets within city limits.

"In a plan we have the major streets that are around hospitals and fire stations, we hit those first," said Mike Gilliland, Public Works Superintendent for the city of Lubbock. "In the first twenty four hours we want to make sure to get that cleared and then we start working on everything else except for residential streets, because we don't do residential property streets we just do the city thoroughfares." 

The city of Lubbock counts with a response team for inclement weather conditions that can run up to twenty at a time. 



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