New guideline gives half of Americans high blood pressure

New guideline gives half of Americans high blood pressure

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Making the healthy step now will save you from medical scares later on in life.

Roughly half of all Americans are now considered to have high blood pressure under newly-released guidelines.

Naturally, Lubbock Heart Hospital doctors encourage you to have an active, healthy lifestyle. That includes taking medication, if necessary.

According to a recent update from the American Heart Association, blood pressure more than 130 over 80 is considered high.

"When I was a young nurse, one of the things I was taught was you think about blood pressure like lifting a bucket over the top of a fence," Chief Nursing Officer Carol Cates said. "The higher the fence, the harder you work. The heart is the same way -- the higher your blood pressure, the harder it has to work."

Maintaining a heart healthy diet, more exercise, and visiting with your doctor all play a part in a healthy lifestyle throughout your life. Cates encourages you to talk to your doctor and be consistent with your visits so the treatment is consistent as well.

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