National sexual assault cases pave way for local victims

National sexual assault cases pave way for local victims

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LUBBOCK, Texas -

As the pressure mounts on Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore, the seemingly endless cases of sexual assault in the national spotlight are having an effect on local survivors.

For victims, telling their story can be a daunting and difficult task. Leslie Timmons with Voice of Hope, a victims service organization, said often times a predator will tell victims that no one will believe them and that their story will be discredited. 

"Even if it's a clear cut case, somehow it can turn into a he said, she said type situation," Timmons said.

In current national cases, arguments have been made that the victim is only coming forward for the attention. Timmons said that is hard to believe.

"This attention is not positive attention for these victims that are coming out," she said. "If people think they're coming out to get media attention, this is not the type of attention anybody wants."

Even though it is difficult for these victims to come out, she said the focus on the Hollywood cases along with the "#MeToo" campaign is helping to create a dialogue of coming forward.

"When you have support and you have people believing your story and supporting you I think it's always going to be easier for someone to come forward with it."

If you are a victim and need help, she said to reach out for help no matter how long it has been.

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