Democratic candidates for governor meet Lubbock supporters

Democratic candidates for governor meet Lubbock supporters

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LUBBOCK, Texas -

Two Democrats who will face off in next year's primary for Texas governor met supporters in Lubbock Friday.

Jeffrey Payne is a Dallas businessman. He says Texans need to stop spending time and money on trivial legislation and invest in helping families and businesses prosper.

"Even though I believe and want to push for a livable wage, we just need to learn how to institute that," Payne said. "We also have to protect small business when we look at what a livable wage is. A livable wage in a large city like Dallas or Austin is going to be different than a livable wage here in, say, Lubbock."

Payne says his time as a mediator qualifies him for multi-tasking and balancing all the complex issues that face the state.

Garry Brown works for Williamson County Commissioner Terry Cook. He says Republican leaders have made the state hostile to almost everyone.

"'Absent Abbott' has turned this state into the nanny state," Cook said. "They're telling our local entities that they can't pass certain bills that they don't like. A lot of the next session, if I become governor, is going to be rescinding a lot of those bills."

Brown says he wants to focus on saving rural hospitals, expanding medicaid, criminal justice reform and funding public education.

It's a crowded Democratic field. In addition to Payne and Brown, Tom Wakely and Cedric Davis are also running for the nomination. The primary election is March 6.

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