POW educates All Saints students at Veterans Day assembly

POW educates All Saints students at Veterans Day assembly

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LUBBOCK, Texas -

All Saints Episcopal School held its annual Veterans Day assembly, honoring and celebrating those who have served our nation. Colonel Thomas E. Norris, a former airman who served in the Vietnam War, was among the many veterans present.

"It is a trend that I have to say I definitely appreciate from the American people," Col. Norris said.

Lawmakers from our area, including Congressman Jodey Arrington and Lubbock State Rep. John Frullo paid their respects at this patriotic ceremony.

After the assembly, Col. Norris shared some of his trying times with a classroom lecture. During his tour, the North Vietnamese Army shot down his plane. He was captured and kept in prison.

"I really like to answer their questions because they are very insightful and these kids are smart and they will pin me down, they'll want to know stuff," Col. Norris.

Along with his POW medal, the Defense Department awarded Col. Norris two Silver Stars, two Legions of Merit, and two Distinguished Flying Crosses.

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