Lubbock Fire Rescue incorporating new body armor

Lubbock Fire Rescue incorporating new body armor

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LUBBOCK, Texas -

Fighting fires is not an easy job. In the heat of it, protection is a challenge especially when there are dangers in addition to to the flames. The increase in violence across the nation is prompting all first responders to think twice about security. Lubbock Fire Rescue have now incorporates body armor into its safety gear.

"We've been working on this for a year", said Captain Kevin Ivy with the Lubbock Fire Rescue."This week we are actually finally putting it in place and getting it out on the engines and trucks for our personnel." 

It will only be worn in very specific circumstances. There are five protective vests for every station and five more in each truck. They're about 20 pounds a piece that's about $40,000 in value. 

"You know for the amount of money it costs for these was minimum as to what would happen if one of our personnel did get hurt," said Ivy. 

Captain Ivy wants to remind everyone if they ever see a fire fighter wearing a protective vest when they're getting off the engine don't panic it's just a precaution. There have been no attacks or injuries but he wants his team to be prepared for the worst.

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