City of Lamesa tells citizens to prepare for water outage

City of Lamesa tells citizens to prepare for water outage

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The City of Lamesa is experiencing a water shortage, and could be out of water by the end of the day, the mayor announced on its Facebook page. 

Mayor Josh Stevens says the CRMWA (Canadian River Municipal Water Authority) is rechlorinating a 4 foot line between Tahoka and Lamesa.

It blew Sunday and was repaired. There was a problem with the initial chlorination flush, so they're doing a second. The second flush is what's leading to the potential lack of water.

That line handles 900,000 gallons a day, so Stevens says the City of Lamesa was able to predict how long they had (four days). Without need of second flush, there would not have been a problem.

"A little extra usage from citizens" Tuesday created emergency levels, so the city sent out its notice and started preparing.

Stevens says water pressure is still holding, thanks to help from the school districts, citizens, and restaurants. "a full effort from the community"

Lamesa schools were already going to close Friday in observance of a holiday, so the district decided to end school at noon Wednesday and take Thursday off, as well, to help conserve water.

Stevens says by day's end tomorrow, the problem should be resolved.

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