Faith leaders in Lubbock boosting security measures

Faith leaders in Lubbock boosting security measures

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LUBBOCK, Texas -

In moments of turmoil lessons must be learned to prevent future tragedies. Faith leaders are taking that to heart and many are boosting security measures and going over contingency plans to keep congregations secure. The church shooting in Sutherland Springs focused attention on the importance of security in the venue termed a sanctuary. 

"We've already begun making contacts with a security system", said Gary Hall worship pastor of Monterey Baptist Church. "A company and also already beginning work with pulling for instance the police officers I've mentioned a few moments that are members here to seek their guidance."  

 Jim Scott the senior pastor at New Hope Church  also said increasing visible security is crucial.

"We are also going to beef up what we are doing in terms of what we are looking at in the parking lot and kind of walking around and so that's the main thing just closing up access a little bit."

 Four square churches across the nation have an active shooter training video that  focuses on how churches should respond.

"Our denomination sent that out to all 1600 churches I believe it is in the United states and asked people to take a look at it try to learn lessons and be prepared as well as they can," said Scott.  

Both pastors said some safety procedures have already been implemented but they'll be working on the rest over the next few weeks.

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