Shooter's former friend says he asked her for 'sexual favors'

Shooter's former friend says he asked her for 'sexual favors'

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Kelsey Huckaby, a New Braunfels resident, is a former friend of Devin Kelley Kelsey Huckaby, a New Braunfels resident, is a former friend of Devin Kelley
Kelley's 2009 senior picture; Credit: NBHS yearbook Kelley's 2009 senior picture; Credit: NBHS yearbook
Credit: Facebook Credit: Facebook

"You never expect it to be in your hometown, someone that you knew as a kid." 

Kelsey Huckaby, a New Braunfels resident, knew the church shooter on a personal level. On Sunday, her boyfriend told her about the attack. She said her boyfriend's son was attending church down the street from where the attack happened, prompting him to alert Huckaby.

"My boyfriend turned around his computer to me and 'here's the guy' and I looked and right away, I said, 'is that Devin Kelley?' He said, 'yeah, he just killed 26 people at a church' and I was in such disbelief."

Huckaby was understandably shaken. 

"It was so weird looking at his face then because I remember him how he was whenever we were all just young teenagers.

She first started hanging out with kelley in middle school. She would do typical things with him, go to the movies and school dances, in their hometown of New Braunfels, a 35 mile drive from Sutherland Springs.

"I never really saw him as being a loner or an outcast. I just never got really close to him thankfully. We were just kinda in groups of friends together, hanging out."

While they lost touch after high school in 2009, Huckaby said he sent her an inappropriate private message on Facebook recently, after she had inquired about looking for a new place to live. He reached out to her and said he had a trailer she and her boyfriend could move into.

"He was basically asking like 'if it was okay with your boyfriend for you to do some sexual favors with me, just a couple times a week for five minutes, then I would let you stay there for free.' Of course, right then I pull the plug, got out of that situation and I blocked him."

She said in the past she had heard of Kelley being abusive, controlling and manipulative to the women he dated, and that this recent experience confirms those speculations.

Whenever I was ignoring his text after that, he was like 'hey, hello?' Waiting for me to respond as if nothing was wrong. So, he apparently has a past of some weird stuff like this and I've experienced it first hand.

Growing up with Kelley, Huckaby recalled a time at church when he got violent with a friend and gave him a bloody nose.

"Looking back now, that was a very early sign of his violence or his anger, his force. Even if they were play fighting as friends, he hurt this guy."

She said Kelley had domestic violence issues, beat his wife, and should not have had access to a gun.

"I think there are certain people that should probably be watched and looks like Devin was one of those people that really just slipped through the cracks somehow."

The New Braunfels community is reeling that one of its own committed mass murder, and Huckaby is taking it one day at a time.

"It isn't just speculation from an outsider point-of-view, this is somebody that I knew, it really puts things in a different perspective."

She cautioned for those who see signs of domestic violence or abuse in their relationship to get help.

"Don't hesitate to say anything because you never know when it could be the next person that's going to be on the news, like Devin."

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