Bush sisters share insight into life under political spotlight

Bush sisters share insight into life under political spotlight

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LUBBOCK, Texas -

Barbara Pierce Bush and Jenna Bush Hager said their lives have been a balance between normalcy and living under a spotlight. They came to Lubbock as part of promoting their book, "Sisters First"

"Well we grew up here in West Texas in Midland, then moved to Dallas." Hager said."So our everyday life was completely normal but at the same time, we had a grandfather who when we were born was vice president." 

While they have traveled the world, Hager said the values they have gotten from growing up in West Texas kept them rooted. 

"So there was this juxtaposition between the normal and the extraordinary and I think that's what makes our life unique," Hager said. 

After sharing the importance of sisterhood with her daughter, Hager said she wanted to reach more women. 

"It made us really reflect on how lucky we are and we thought this is a good year to share these stories of sisterhood," Hager said. 

Bush said they used their public platform to recognize the importance of empowering women. 

"We don't see as many women in positions of power, whether that be both in politics or in any roles," Bush said. 

She said she hopes their book will uplift and motivate others. 

"We want to make sure we are highlighting the power of women, and the community that women need to be impactful in this world." Bush said. "So whether it's blood sisters like us or best friends that are like sisters or colleagues that are like sisters." 

Since starting the process of writing the book, they wanted to make sure they were including both the good and difficult times. 

"We also shared more difficult stories both that affected our entire country and the world like 9/11 and the war," Bush said. 

But the sisters said if they were going to be vulnerable, it was important to include all types of experiences. 

"It's not always easy and we all know that and so we wanted to be true to our own experiences and highlight those that have been challenging because they have also really impacted who we are and how we see the world," Bush said.

They have been traveling across the Country promoting the book since August. 

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