Chilly, breezy Tuesday; colder Wednesday

Chilly, breezy Tuesday; colder Wednesday

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LUBBOCK, Texas -

THIS AFTERNOON: There's a pretty good range in the temperature, with 80s to the SW and 60s to the NE of Lubbock. A cold front is moving across our area, slowly moving from NE to SW. We've also seen more clouds moving overhead this afternoon.

TONIGHT: Some clouds, low near 47. Wind NW 5-10mph.

TUESDAY: Right upfront I'll mention there's a good chance part of the temperature forecast will be way off Tuesday afternoon. Forecasting these setups, a cold airmass moving into the area from the northeast in the fall, is tough. The general idea will happen...cooler to the NE of Lubbock, warmer to the SW. At this point we expect a high in the upper 50s in Lubbock mid-day. The temperature will fall off through the afternoon, on a gusty NE wind 10-20mph. 

Tuesday forecast

To the SW it'll probably reach the lower 70s around Hobbs and Lovington. The the NE it'll likely stay in the 40s all day around Turkey and Paducah.

Tomorrow night through mid-day Wednesday there's a chance for a few sprinkles or light rain showers. Amounts will be light. Farther north some snow or a rain-snow mix is possible around Amarillo. At this point the temperature profile looks too warm for snow here.

EXTENDED: With a clear sky it should drop to around freezing Thursday morning, afternoon high in the mid 60s. It'll be milder with lots of sun late this week, but not the record warmth we saw Saturday.

7-day forecast

If you're going to the Texas Tech game in Arlington, travel weather is pretty quiet. There is a slight chance for a shower or storm late Saturday into Sunday in North Texas. Saturday's high in the upper 60s.

Have a great rest of your day. Whitney will have the next forecast update early tomorrow morning.

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