Money Matters: Hub City reaping the financial benefits of the Wo

Money Matters: Hub City reaping the financial benefits of the World Series


The World Series, not only giving Houston bragging rights and giving the "Bayou City" a big boost for its economy, it's also helping out the Hub City.

Between Astros merchandise sales and booming business for bars, these baseball games are proving to be a profitable time, even from hundreds of miles away.

The plethora of locally-owned sports bars and restaurants all over are prime places to watch the games. The energy from fellow fans, good menus, and adult beverages bring in the big bucks.

FOX34 stopped by Cujo's during Game 5 to check out the vibe and see what a fan had to say about her game time experience.

"It's called a sports bar for a reason," the Astros fan said. "They have the game playing loud so you can enjoy it. The food's good, the atmosphere is good, everyone takes care of you here. They know what you're here for, especially when the Astros are playing in the series."

General Manager Chris Arellano said he and his staff have prepped for this week.

"You have to anticipate a busier evening depending on who is playing especially in the World Series and everything."

Arellano said the bar is on a "snowball effect," and gaining momentum from the World Series.

"We do see a whole increase on sales, on people coming in and everything, and the energy."

Even the staff is at full-capacity to combat the high crowds.

"During the World Series, it's busier here for us and we prefer to work when there's games on," bartender Kathryn Barlow said.

"Yeah it's definitely a great environment to watch the game here. Everybody gets loud and crazy," bartender Morgan Gonzales said.

Regardless of the score, sports bars still rake in the income.

"Whether they win or lose, it doesn't matter they're still going to spend their money because they're either drinking their sorrows away or they're celebrating."

And on the merchandise side of things, according to local sports store Red Raider Outfitter, the Houston Astros merchandise has been flying off the shelves, so get in while you can to get that coveted Astros gear.

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