Police: IRS scammer makes false kidnapping report

Police: IRS scammer makes false kidnapping report

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The Lubbock Police Department is investigating a false kidnapping report allegedly made by an IRS scammer.

Officers and K-9 handlers were called to the 4900 block of 115th Street just after 9:30 Monday morning. 

The caller told dispatch she was hiding from a man with a gun who had kidnapped her. 

Investigators were able to determine there was no kidnapping after locating the homeowner, who was not at home at the time. 

The caller has not been identified and the incident is under investigation. 

Greg Linder, president and CEO of the Better Business Bureau on the South Plains said this can serve as a reminder to hang up if you get a call from a scammer.

"Any time you engage in a conversation it just makes them have that glimmer of hope that they're going to get something from you and so they will keep calling and keep calling and keep calling," Linder said.

He said by lending an ear you could be opening yourself up to the scammer's threats.

"It could lead to a situation like this where they've spent so much time trying to get something from you that they just get mad about it when they can't and do something foolish like in this case where they do something foolish, like in this case, where they call the police to report a crime that never actually happened."

If you are constantly getting peppered with calls, he said to send them to voicemail and then block the number. If you do answer, do not give out any personal information and report the call to the police.

Listen to the call below: 

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