Berhl Robertson reflects on time with Lubbock ISD

Berhl Robertson reflects on time with Lubbock ISD

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LUBBOCK, Texas -

Lubbock ISD superintendent Berhl Robertson said it was nine of the best years of his career. He announced he is retiring at the end of the school year. Robertson joined Lubbock ISD in 2009 as chief administrative officer and rose to superintendent four years later.

"I was sorta born to be an educator, so this is what I've done, since I've been born, my parents were teachers," Robertson said.

Robertson has been in education for 28 years. He said he was interested in the administrative side early on.

"I started as superintendent when I was 34, at Southland." Robertson said. "So I've been doing this since 1996." 

Robertson went on to be the superintendent of Roosevelt ISD before coming to Lubbock. Board of trustees president, Laura Vinson said when they brought him on as chief administrative officer in 2009, he played a key role in establishing financial stability.

"He just proved himself to be a great leader." Vinson said. "He had already been a superintendent for about 14 years in other districts so It was the right choice at the right time."

In 2013, when Robertson was named superintendent, he said he knew he was capable. 

"I just feel like I had a sense of what our district needed in terms of relationship building and set some expectations, and maybe calming the waters a little bit," Robertson said. 

During his four years, he helped launch Estacado Early College High School, expand the International Baccalaureate program, and created a partnership with Lubbock Entertainment and Performing Arts Association. But he said the most important achievement was building relationships.

"People think it's a testing business, and some people think it's a computer business cause we do all this stuff, and curriculum." Robertson said. "Really it has nothing to do with any of that, it's about people and if we don't take care of our people, and build those relationships, and have high quality relationships, we can't get to where we want to go."

Vinson said he always made the effort to show his appreciation for both student and facility success. 

"He celebrated student success at every opportunity." Vinson said. "He celebrated and supported our teachers in every way he could. I would really say it's about relationships with Berhl."

After Robertson's wife Traci, made the decision to retire at the end of the year, he said he had to consider his future as well. 

"It just became clear to us, that you know, through a lot of prayer as well, that it was the right time for me to retire in June." Robertson said. "So we can enjoy retirement and theirs life after retirement and there should be." 

Robertson said he has full faith the district will continue to succeed. 

"I'm the luckiest guy in the world, getting to retire doing something I love to do," Robertson said. 

But Vinson said his leadership will be missed. 

"Every decision that he made, was couched in the belief that he needed and wanted to do the right thing, do the right thing for students, for teachers, for families and we'll miss him," Vinson said. 

The school board will meet Monday to discuss the next steps for finding a replacement. Vinson said they are going to try to work quickly so they will have an effective transition period, working under Robertson. 

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