4 in 5 child safety seats are not used correctly

4 in 5 child safety seats are not used correctly

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Are you securing your child in their car seat correctly?

Child safety technicians visit Lubbock teaching parents and caregivers how to choose the right seat based on your child’s needs. 

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, four in five seats are not used correctly.

Not only should you read the car seat's user manual, but also your car's.

"Families just need to make sure that their seats, every time they install, are according to the manufacturing suggestions," said Safe Riders Program Coordinator Frank Luera. "Many, many car seats, it's just simple things that make them incorrect. They just need to read their instructions and make sure that the seat is appropriate for their child."

To avoid one of the most common mistakes caregivers make – using the wrong size safety seat -- visit the TxDOT website to find the appropriate safety seat for your child's age.


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