Friend of Tech's suspected shooter speaks out

Friend of Tech's suspected shooter speaks out

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LUBBOCK, Texas -

A close friend of Hollis Daniels said he is shocked. He knows the accused as James, an easy-going 19-year-old.

"Everyone wasn't expecting it and I don't think I'd ever guess it in a million years," Colton Schmidt said. 

Schmidt had been friends with Daniels since the 7th grade and is in disbelief. He said he was just with him about a month ago and suspected nothing was off.

"Nothing like the behavior last night, it was never like that." Schmidt said. "To me that wasn't the James I knew."

Tech's student counseling center revealed Daniels's family called to express concern over some of Daniels's suicidal comments and he may have had a weapon. Schmidt said Daniels comes from a good family that was actively involved in his hometown, Seguin.

"His upbringing like I said, we went to the Christian Academy, we were good kids." Schmidt said. "His mother is very sweet, his father, a very nice man."

Daniels lived in Talkington hall. A resident said he looked like a normal guy. However Shivam Patel noticed something strange about an individual near Marsha Sharp and University Ave. 

"Okay well why would someone be walking when its 40 degrees in a tank?" Patel said. "So i get closer, I see red hair. This guy looks like he's shaking, freaking out." 

Patel said when he got home, he called the police. 

"Next thing I know, ten, fifteen minutes later I hear same guy by Jones is caught." Patel said. "So I must think, that's the same guy I saw."

If given the opportunity to say something to Daniels, Schmidt said he is still his friend and he is in his prayers. 

"I hate to be on this side of the end because it's not a fun side to be on." Schmidt said. "I'm not condoning what he did, I hate it. I wish I could of been there to stop it."

Daniels was previously arrested by Tech Police Department in September, 2016 on possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia. 

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