"Race for the Cure" gives residents a reason to run

"Race for the Cure" gives residents a reason to run

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LUBBOCK, Texas -

There are more than 3.1 million women with a history of breast cancer in the U.S. Susan G. Komen works to raise money in hopes to end breast cancer. 

The race for the cure provides a way for Lubbock residents to join cause to raise money. Race for the Cure chairman Julie Doss said it is the organization's biggest fundraiser. 

"75 percent of the money we raise here stays right here in West Texas to serve the women of West Texas." Doss said. "We grant it back out to toher organizations."

Doss said the remaining 25 percent goes towards national research.

For survivors like Gloria Reyes, the money raised makes all the difference.

"That's the only way we get the recognition that we need." Reyes said. "That we need the funds, that we need people to participate and it's very special to our families because they don't want to see us go through something like that again, or even our daughters and sisters."

Reyes discovered she had cancer while working at a cancer center. She is celebrating her 14th year as a survivor. 

"It's special to me because I've seen the patients going through our cancer center." Reyes said. "So to be a survivor and ot be among them means a lot because we need the research, we need a cure."

For others, It is about honoring a lost loved one. Abriam Jacob Sparks said this event is a tradition for his family.

"Me and my family get together to run or to walk in my grandmothers memory," Sparks said. 

Sparks' grandmother died from breast cancer at age 55. Ever since then, he said the race symbolized his family's unity. 

"One thing that can get us all in one place together, which is my grandmother." Sparks said. "Somehow she's still working her magic on keeping us all together as a family."

This year, the race has raised more than a $160,000 dollars. Susan G. Komen will continue to collect donation throughout the month, in honor of breast cancer awareness.

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