Salvation Army employee visits his hometown to volunteer after H

Salvation Army employee visits his hometown to volunteer after Hurricane Harvey

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LUBBOCK, Texas -

A Lubbock Salvation Army employee returned his hometown in Houston to assist with the recovery efforts after Hurricane Harvey.

Rudy Zapata and his Salvation Army team traveled twice down to the coast for a total of 28 days. 

"It was pretty bad. The areas where I used to walk, the streets, it was full of water and it was unbelievable. Never did I think that I would see Houston that way, but it happened," Zapata said. 

Zapata still has family and friends in Houston that were directly affected by the hurricane, and the flooding that followed.

He said he just had to go back home. 

"When we first got there the first time, it was first responders so everything was still under water," Zapata said. "There was still boats coming in and boats helping people and we got to serve a lot of people there. There were still homes that were not livable, but there were still people living in them and so we were out there helping them with cleaning and hygiene kits, water, food, whatever we could help them with." 

The city is in the rebuilding phase and is in dire need of more supplies. The Salvation Army is continuing to collect monetary and other donations. 

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