Memorable Moment: Frenship football player asks student to homec

Memorable Moment: Frenship football player asks student to homecoming

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October 6 wasn't just any Friday for one Frenship student. It will be one for the books that Kayla Pippin will always remember. The journey for Kayla and Nick McCauley began about two weeks ago. Nick surprised Kayla at lunch and asked her to be his homecoming date.

She was really eager to talk about the special moment. 

"I was eating my lunch, and then out of nowhere he was coming," she said. "I was excited when he came out. He had the whole football team to do it."

Nick asked football players to hold up signs that asked Kayla if she would go to homecoming with him. The varsity football player said he was nervous.

"I was scared," he said. "I wanted it to go good for her. Right before I did it, I never thought about it, but I thought she was going to say no because she was in the heat of the moment. But it all went perfect."

He said he had prayed about it. 

"I wanted to make a difference in someone's life," he said. "So, one night I was thinking and this just kind of came to mind."

Kayla said that he changed her life.

"You can't change everyone's life, but you can change someone's," Nick said.

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