Mental health issues may be behind kidnapping attempt

Mental health issues may be behind kidnapping attempt

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LUBBOCK, Texas -

A woman thwarted her own kidnapping Wednesday by screaming and running away from her attacker at the Lubbock Civic Center. 

Lucio Dominguez, Jr., 33, has been charged with kidnapping and public intoxication. 

Jennifer Castillo has known Dominguez for five years. She met him working at Restoring Hope. She said he struggles with mental illness and said it could be the reason behind the attack.

"He was telling me that God would talk to him and tell him to do certain things and at that moment in time I knew that Lucio had an issue with mental illness," Castillo said. 

LPD Chief of Police Greg Stevens said Wednesday's attempted kidnapping was not the first time Dominguez has had a run in with the cops. According to police, he has been arrested numerous times and has been uncooperative with the Homeless Outreach Team. 

Castillo chalks that up to his illness.

"I can't even imagine what he goes through when these voices are talking to him and telling him to do some of these things that he has done," she said. 

She does not condone the actions of Dominguez nor does she want sympathy for him. She said just wants people to have a little more understanding of the reasons behind people living on the streets.

"Listen to all the stories that are out on the streets," Castillo said. "Homelessness isn't just about being lazy and it's not just about making bad choices. Sometimes it's about being mentally ill."

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