Breast cancer warrior reflects on tough fight, credits Komen org

Breast cancer warrior reflects on tough fight, credits Komen organization

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 Amy Marney has a permanent reminder of her tough fight. She is a breast cancer warrior. 

"You have to appreciate everyday waking up, and be grateful," she said.

Four years ago, Marney's life changed. 

"I was taking my daughter to school when my doctors called," she said. 

The doctor gave her some good, and bad news.

"She told me the good news was it was stage two, which is not too advanced," Marney said. "And the bad news was we had to do treatment. It changed my world."

Marney said she vowed from that moment to stay positive. 

"I was going to kick its butt, and do whatever I needed to do," she said. "And stay positive and go down the right road."

She's a breast cancer warrior. She went through three surgeries, 18 rounds of chemo, and six weeks of daily radiation.

"I don't take anything for granted," she said. "Your life could be gone in a heartbeat. I have friends that haven't survived this."

During that time she didn't have health insurance, because she worked at home as a medical transcriptionist. The Susan G. Komen organization was a major help to Marney. She benefited from a grant. 

"Komen was able to provide my mammograms yearly," she said. "Since I was 40 they have funded my mammograms, and because of those mammograms and it turned out positive, I was able to get treatment with them funding it. I was very blessed. 

As of two weeks ago, Marney is in the clear. She takes a daily preventative pill, and will be taking that for five or ten years. She visits the doctor every six months.

"I refuse to think that cancer is going to come back," she said. "While it is scary, and every single day I live with the fear of it coming back I am taking preventative measures. I just pray that it doesn't come back."

The Susan G. Komen Foundation's Race for the Cure is at the Civic Center Saturday, October 7. 

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