Lubbock hospitals ready should mass casualty event occur

Lubbock hospitals ready should mass casualty event occur

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LUBBOCK, Texas -

Shortly after the rapid-fire was silenced, Las Vegas hospitals were inundated with patients. 

Staff from across multiple medical centers were pushed to the limit trying to care for the wounded. 

It is a scenario that Lubbock hospitals and first responders prepare for twice every year.

"The most recent one we had was back in the summer," said Eric Finley, UMC spokesman. "It was an industrial plant, an agricultural plant explosion and so you've had a lot of traumatic injuries from that as well."

Through the training each entity comes up with a plan that entails who goes where, who gets treated first and where to put all the victims once they arrive at the hospital.

"Our plans at UMC for example would be to take our cancer center and turn it into a holding area for a group of patients," Finley said. "Use resources at the Texas Tech Health Science Center, and those that are less serious, bus them over to that area and hold them until they can get care over there as well."

"We'd mobilize our medical services to focus on primarily the mass causalities," said Dr. Charles Bayouth, Trauma Director at Covenant Medical Center. "Obviously we have sick people in the hospital as well, they have to be taken care of too."

Dr. Bayouth said no matter how much training you have and how well thought out your plan is, you never fully ready for a mass causality event. He knows this from experience.

"An active shooter went into a church and shot multiple people," he said. "There was a mass casualty plan there and it didn't go as planned as it never does, but everyone has the baseline training to be able to adapt and figure out how to get to the ultimate outcome and that's taking care of the patient."

While it would be a nightmare situation, Finley and Dr. Bayouth said Lubbock is as ready as possible to handle something similar to the Las Vegas massacre.

Finley said there is also things you can do to help in a mass casualty situation, such as knowing basic first aid

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