Las Vegas shooter's modified weapons: illegal to use, but legal

Las Vegas shooter's modified weapons: illegal to use, but legal to buy

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LUBBOCK, Texas -

Paddock modified many of his weapons to emulate fully automatic fire.

The devices that can do that are illegal to use, but perfectly legal to buy.

In some semi-automatic models, a few screws and a new firing pin are all it takes to make the change. For other weapons, there are "bump" or "slide stocks."

Those are recoil absorbing stocks that bounce the weapon's trigger off the user's finger.

Technically, it's still a semi-auto, but the weapon's recoil can "bump" out more than 90 rounds in less than ten seconds.

Scott Harmon with Sharp Shooters Knife and Gun said it's definitely not accurate and the devices are unreliable, at best.

"It takes practice to run one, and if you're not sure of what you're doing, then you're just gonna be highly disappointed in your expectations of it," Harmon said. "They don't seem to be popular in this area, y'know, everything's got a popularity realm. Maybe a year, six months, or what have you, and at one time they were pretty popular but they died out pretty quickly because they weren't dependable."

Harmon said they're little more than toys to show off at the range and not for any serious target shooter. He said his shop doesn't even carry them because people buy them then return them not long after.

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