Mass shootings: starting the conversation with children

Mass shootings: starting the conversation with children

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LUBBOCK, Texas -

In today's 24-hour media cycle and more importantly social media, it's impossible to overlook tragedies like the Las Vegas mass shooting. But how do you approach the topic with your children?

"I think the key is to approach the conversations," said Kristen Lewis, a Monterrey High School counselor. "And letting the kids know this is a safe place to talk about it and having the conversations, especially the ones that are difficult to have."

Lewis is also a mother said she has had those conversations with her own children. 

"I rather them hear unsettling news and something scary from me in a safe place where they know that we can figure this out together than to hear it secondhand," Lewis said.

She encourages other parents to do the same and monitor the information kids are consuming and be actively involved.

"Teachers are there to address their questions and to give a little bit of context to it, but we also don't want our teachers to be immediately reactionary within the context of tragedies and stuff like this," said Joni Rodela, the social studies and world languages coordinator for Lubbock ISD. "We have to let that information settle a little bit and then you can address it and in a very appropriate way that is meaningful and has a lesson behind it." 

Rodela said it's important for both parents and teachers to notice any changes students are going through after a situation like the Las Vegas shooting. 

Everyone handles it differently, so these counselors are encouraging students to turn to them for help.

Lubbock ISD also offers family counseling to those in need. 

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