Frenship senior started 'caring closet' for students in need

Frenship senior started 'caring closet' for students in need

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A Frenship Tiger will leave a permanent paw print at the high school. Lauren Shephard's legacy will be helping her peers who are in need of items many of us take for granted. 

"I think it is just a realization that kids around me in my community, and in my school were in need," she said.

Over the summer, Shephard came across an article about the reality for some.

"The article talked a lot about how kids miss school because they don't have access to the proper hygiene items," she said. "And that really spoke to me because I just thought how sad someone is missing school because they're insecure about things we take for granted."

She got to work and started the caring closet, which is full of items like toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, and feminine products.

"We also provide school supplies for kids who maybe can't afford pencils, or crayons. and also socks," she said. "I was told by the counselors that socks were needed." 

If a student is in need if any of these items, they go to the closet. The counselors also have a list. Cheer sponsor Kayci Smith said this has opened the eyes of other students.

"It makes you feel good inside as an adult watching these kids as you are trying to instill some many great things in them," Smith, said. "But they are doing it themselves. It is not just us here in our building trying to make that happen. It is the kids lifting up the kids. And that makes us teachers, and educators in our community just so blessed that we have those kids being able to be those leaders in the community, and lead us and inspire us to do it as well."

Students mostly donated the items. Even though, Shephard is graduating soon, she hopes the caring closet continues.

"We are just one big family," she said. "It is just great to have that support and sense of community."

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