Lubbock resident recounts her escape from Caesar's Palace

Lubbock resident recounts her escape from Caesar's Palace

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LUBBOCK, Texas -

A Lubbock resident arrived home from Vegas after her stay at Caesar's Palace, just a couple miles from Mandalay Bay.

She recounted her escape from her end of the strip.

"A gentlemen came in and said that there was a shooter so we started to leave, but not everyone knew at that point so we just started making our way down the strip," she said. "That's when people started running and shouting that there were multiple shooters. They started closing restaurant doors and telling people to get under the tables."

She said she was terrified and had no idea how serious the situation really was.

"You don't know if you're running right into them, you don't know, and it didn't sound like there were that many at first," she said. "Then we got back to the hotels and started watching the news and we could hear all the sirens, and we realized that it was really bad."

Despite a few initial delays in Vegas, flights have been resumed. Lubbock departures and arrivals remain on time.

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