Money Matters: Supporting the Las Vegas mass shooting victims

Money Matters: Supporting the Las Vegas mass shooting victims

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The nation is reeling from another mass murder, and this one is the deadliest in modern U.S. history. You want to help, but how? It's hard to give blood from 900 miles away.   

This devastating attack on more than 20,000 attending a country music festival has many victims in need of assistance. While not everyone can physically be there to support the victims, we can still do our part to help them during this dark time in our country.

Financial donations are always a huge help in situations like this.

Consider giving money to the Southern Nevada Chapter of the American Red Cross. It accepts donations online, by phone, or by mail.

You can also support the National Compassion Fund. This organization directly distributes donations to the victims of a mass crime. In the past, the fund has partnered with the relatives of disaster victims from 911 and the Sandy Hook Shooting. The group vows to be transparent in how it handles the money it collects.

Many will struggle on a mental and emotional level. You can donate to the "Volunteers in Medicine of Southern Nevada." It provides mental and physical health care to people who don't have access to it otherwise.

Do your homework on the GoFundMe pages popping up. While some posters mean well, many funds might not be legitimate. Look for verification of who created the campaign. One verified GoFundMe effort is from Clark County Commission Chair, Steve Sisolak of Las Vegas. The money will be used to provide relief and financial support to the victims and families of the shooting.

Texas Tech graduate Danae Gibbs is one of the victims from the attack. She was shot in the stomach and leg. A GoFundMe is set up to support her family and to pay for their medical expenses.

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