Board member of Literacy Lubbock finds success in program

Board member for Literacy Lubbock finds success in program

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LUBBOCK, Texas -

Jennifer spivey always dreamed of going to college but struggled with literacy her whole life. 

 "I couldn't even spell bee, I mean it was just that bad." Spivey said. "I had a teacher tell me that you know I was lazy, you know I wasn't trying and I was trying, I know I just couldn't figure it out." 

When she was 35, she discovered Literacy Lubbock, where she met executive director, Lynda Dutton.

"Jennifer was very disheartened and many of the people who come to us who need to learn to read or read better are disheartened and they have given up," Dutton said. 

A test suggested Spivey may have dyslexia which gave her some much needed answers.

"I broke out in tears cause 35 years of not knowing why i was having the issue in school, thinking that there was something wrong with me when everyone else was getting it and I wasn't," Spivey said. 

Spivey was introduced to the Barton program, a system designed for students dealing with dyslexia. 

"You're learning in a different way and it's just amazing to have these teachers that you know they understand, they help you, they teach you the way you need to learn versus the traditional way in school," Spivey said. 

After successfully completing the program, Spivey gained the confidence to get her Associates from South Plains Community College. Then she went on to receive her Bachelors from Wayland baptist University. Spivey is now pursuing her Masters in Business Administration there.

"It was hard." Spivey said. "It's been a long journey, you know i started when i was 35, I'm 44, you know and I'm proud of it. I'm not ashamed of my age but it's taken me all this time just to get to where I'm at and you know, I'm just going to continue to learn." 

Spivey also works for UMC in the IT department and is a board member for Literacy Lubbock.

"She knows the program and she is an example of great success." Dutton said. "And so they asked her if she wanted to be on the board and she agreed." 

Spivey said she hopes her story will inspire anyone who thinks it's too late in the game to grow their literacy skills.

"I started off driving a school bus and now I'm in an it department that's amazing," Spivey said. 

For information on how to get involved with Literacy Lubbock and the programs they offer for adults, visit


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