Breast cancer survivor celebrates ten years in remission

Breast cancer survivor celebrates ten years in remission

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LUBBOCK, Texas -

When someone hears the devastating news that they have cancer, their life can change in seconds.

But having cancer was not going to stop Margie Olivarez from living the life she always wanted. 

Olivarez said she has always been active, worked multiple jobs, stayed involved in the community and has been a member of various organizations. She is also a busy mom, and a dedicated wife.

Margie's life changed in 2007 when she was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer. 

"The type of cancer I had was triple negative," Olivarez said. "It's an aggressive one that grows rapidly so even within the time frame from January through April, I could notice that it was getting bigger."

Olivarez underwent several treatments for almost a year. 

"I did 24 rounds of chemotherapy and then I opted to have a double mastectomy," Olivarez said. "We wrapped it up with 32 treatments of radiation."

Olivarez said although she had cancer, she still had places to go, things to do, and wasn't going to change her lifestyle. 

"I tried to keep it as normal as I could," Olivarez said. "I know not everyone is able to do that, everybody's journey is different. If there is anybody listening and you are going through it, you don't have to be super mom or do a lot of stuff like I did, but that was me."

Olivarez is now celebrating ten years as a cancer survivor and said she enjoys sharing her story with others. She hopes to empower other women who may be going through a similar challenge.

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