LCU unveils plans for new business school named after long-time

LCU unveils plans for new business school named after long-time faculty member

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Lubbock Christian University's business school will finally have a place to call home. The new facility will be in the heart of the campus. President Tim Perrin said it took several years of planning, and will be named the Christa Dobbs Center for Business. 

"I always like to say it is a great day to be a chap," he said.

Dr. Christa Dobbs started teaching business in 1967. She is considered a legend because of the several students she taught. 

"I am very humbled by the recognition that I have gotten," she said. "Thank you."

LCU student Michaela Nunnally didn't have Dobbs as a teacher, but said every students hears about her. 

"She has been gone for years, but we still hear about her today," she said. "We still hear about how she treated students, how great she was. She is one of the reasons we have a school of business. So, I am so proud she has her name on the building."

The Science building will be renovated to about 21,000 square feet. 

"We've never had a building named with business or anything like that", Dobbs said. "And we had classes almost on all the campus to make room for it because we had some fairly good size classes at one time."

LCU has had record growth the past three years. Overall enrollment, is a little more than 1,800 students. Nunnally won't be a student at LCU when the building is complete, but is one proud chap.

"It means the school is growing," she said. "It means the students are going to have a great education. I am very excited for them. It is a great opportunity. I just can't believe all that is growing on campus."

The LCU School of Business project is $15 million. So far, the university has raised about $8 million. 

"This fits in part of our 2020 vision campaign, which is a significant undertaking of the university," Perrin said. "We are near our goal. We are going to keep pushing ahead as we seek together the resources to advance our mission."

The facility should be ready by Fall 2018.

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