Lubbock elementary school offering Mandarin Chinese immersion pr

Lubbock elementary school offering Mandarin Chinese immersion program

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LUBBOCK, Texas -

When it comes to studying a foreign language in school, you usually hear about Spanish, French, German or maybe something exotic, but what about Mandarin Chinese?

Jose Ramirez is an International Baccalaureate elementary school in Lubbock ISD. It currently houses a Spanish immersion program and is adding a new language. 

"It's been one of my goals for 8 years," said Nancy Parker, Ramirez Elementary School principal, "To have a school where language is taught in school and students become proficient in more than just English." 

Parker said it's important to give students a head start when it comes to learning new languages. 

"If we can do it early then they are going to acquire the language much easier," Parker said. "It's going to be second nature to them, it's not as difficult. Our goal is for them to be bilingual, but also literate." 

The Mandarin Chinese program is offered to all students pre-K through 5th. It consentrates on teaching students all aspects of the language and culture. 

"The initial focus was basic listening and speaking," said Wan-Chun Tseng, the Mandarin Chinese instructor. "I will also add some characters so that they can learn to recognize the Chinese characters. For now, I want them to have fun learning another language." 

Parker said her school's ultimate goal is to give students an opportunity to approach language with an open mind and prepare them for their future. 

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