Republican healthcare bill pulled by GOP leadership

Republican healthcare bill pulled by GOP leadership

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LUBBOCK, Texas -

The latest Republican healthcare bill pulled from the Senate vote schedule dealing yet another blow to the GOP's promise to repeal and replace Obamacare.

It was the last ditch attempt at repealing President Obama's landmark legislation. 

President Trump saying he is "disappointed in certain so-called Republicans."

The party now plans to shift its focus to tax reform however Texas Tech public policy expert Lisa Gittner said healthcare needs to be tackled soon.

"We're going to go broke as a federal government if we  keep spending all this money," Gittner said. "Cost estimates are by 2027, we're gong to be almost 30 percent GDP."

If nothing is done and healthcare spending continues at its current rate under the Affordable Care Act, she said lawmakers will be left with some tough decisions.

"Something has to give. What are we not going to do? Are we going to choose not to educate? Are we going to choose to let our roads and bridges fall apart? What are we going to choose not to do, and yes it becomes truly a social justice issue."

The Senate procedural rules revert back to needing a 60 vote majority Sept. 30 which means the odds of Republicans passing a substantial overhaul is drastically reduced.

"We need 10 votes from the other side, be it Democrats need 10 Republican votes or the Republicans need 10 Democratic votes. We're gong to have to reach across the aisle in some way. I think the American public is getting disgusted with this, that the plan is not going to happen on either extreme but we have to control the funding in some way."

The president threatened his fellow Republicans saying he will work with Democrats if his party fails to act on healthcare.

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