4ORE Gives Back Campaign donates to Lubbock YWCA

4ORE Gives Back Campaign donates to Lubbock YWCA

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LUBBOCK, Texas -

4ORE Gives Back Campaign donated $10,000 to Lubbock YWCA.

YWCA works to strengthen the community by providing family and leadership development, health and wellness.

The donation helped to sponsor snacks, field trips, summer camps and after school care for children in Lubbock school districts.

"It just indicates 4ORE Golf's commitment to the community and to helping children and families," said Mitzi Ziegner, YWCA board president. "It's such a generous donation and they really care about building a relationship between the community members and the business and i think that always is such an important thing."

With over 700 volunteers and employees, YMCA is able to help thousands of West Texas families every day.

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