Red Cross volunteer reflects on her time in Houston

Red Cross volunteer reflects on her time in Houston

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LUBBOCK, Texas -

Red Cross volunteers have also made their way back to West Texas after helping Houston evacuees in the DFW metroplex.

Laura Hann, executive director of the Red Cross service in the Texas South Plains, said these displaced families knew the Red Cross would welcome them with open arms.

"We were taking care of folks' basic needs, ya know food shelter, clothing, but we were also taking care of their additional needs such as medical needs, their spiritual needs," Hann said. "We had mental health counselors on the ground consistently helping families process the devastation that they saw their communities going through."

Hann said one of the most impactful memories she will carry with her are the two women that went into labor while she was working in the Red Cross shelter.

"We were able to get them to emergency rooms and they both were able to have healthy beautiful babies," Hann said. "It's pretty impactful to me to think about that folks can be at that moment in their lives and be looking to the Red Cross and to the generosity of our donors and the caring hearts of our volunteers to take care of them right up to that moment when they get in an ambulance and go into labor."

Hann is on a short break here in Lubbock and plans to return to DFW very soon to continue the relief efforts.

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