Salvation Army DART volunteer returns from Houston

Salvation Army DART volunteer returns from Houston

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LUBBOCK, Texas -

A Lubbock man is back from Houston with memories he'll never forget.

Rudy Zapata, the second in command of the Salvation Army DART Team, headed to the coast just days after the hurricane. 

Zapata said he spent fourteen days feeding and passing along cleaning supplies to civilians displaced by the flood.

"It was chaos because the water was still high, when we left the water had come down, but it had gone to other neighborhoods," Zapata said. "They weren't expecting it, they were like 'oh, thank God it's over'. Well when the water went down here, it moved over there to this other neighborhood. So it's another chaos down there so one thing after another."

Zapata said the flood damage affected a radius of two hundred and fifty miles around the Houston area.

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