Lubbock's Reese Technology Center celebrates 20 years

Lubbock's Reese Technology Center celebrates 20 years

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LUBBOCK, Texas -

The Reese Technology Center is 20 years of success in the making. The air force base was one of many across the nation that was forced to close in the late 1990's, but its redevelopment is considered one of the most successful in the country.

"As some of the speakers have said, it was a difficult time for Lubbock twenty years ago when the base got closed and the concern of all the lost jobs", said Jerry Bell, president of the Lubbock Reese Development Authority. "A whole lot of the people who came before me on this board twenty years ago, city leaders, elected officials all got together and made this work".

Eddie McBride was the first executive director to shepherd the planning phase and said there were many challenges they faced at the time. 

"One of the difficulties you face anytime a base is closing is obviously getting the existing facility, the base, the folks who were here, the air base personnel, getting them off and then obviously converting all of their facilities into private use, so that was extremely difficult. " 

The air base was redeveloped and renamed the Reese Technology Center, becoming a multipurpose venue for the creation of economic growth in the South Plains. Its focus is in technology, research, engineering, education, and manufacturing. 

Bell said future plans are to fill vacant building space and begin expansion for future partners. 

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