UPDATE: Dive crews recover body of infant after Sunday boat cras

UPDATE: Dive crews recover body of infant after Sunday boat crash

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UPDATE: 9/12 11am

The body of the missing child has been found at Buffalo Springs Lake.

Private citizens from Buffalo Springs and Ransom Canyon flew a helicopter and drones over the lake to help with the search party.

At approximately 9 am Sept. 12, the pilot in the helicopter contacted Buffalo Springs Police Chief Stewart Naron that he found the subject floating in the water. 

Naron and Texas Game Warden Lubbock Capt. Aryn Corley proceeded to that area, where they recovered the child.

Corley said the search was a collaborative effort.

"We were committed to working all day, to finding our victim and bringing him home. There was a huge relief for all of us for the sake of the family. We were successful and we did it. We worked together as a team."

Corley and Naron made sure the family had been at the forefront of all the information.

There has been a fund set up if anyone would like to donate, contact Warren Johnson at the office at Buffalo Springs Lake.

The lake is back open to the public.

As of Monday evening, Lubbock Fire Rescue Dive Crew, Buffalo Springs Police, and Texas Game Wardens have had no luck in their search for a child that was thrown off a boat after a collision between two vessels Sunday evening. 

Three dive teams and a helicopter searched the area all day Monday. The search is called off during the nights after it gets unsafe for divers, and will resume at six each morning until something is found.

The family is gathered at the lake awaiting any new developments in this search effort.

Capt. Aryn Corley with Texas Game Warden Lubbock told us that they have marked the approximate location of the crash, narrowing the search to the far end of the lake by the Sandy Point Beach, near the no-wake zone. Crews were seen putting a red buoy out on the water to mark the location and were diving around it.

"We've got our sonar imaging units out there and we're searching a wide area based on some reports that we got of where the collision may have happened."

Corley said they're struggling with searching in the 15 - 30 ft deep murky water and it's a challenge to interpret the sonar pictures.

"We're looking for a child. So, it's not the same body dimensions, type, physical characteristics at all than a full grown adult. It makes it difficult especially for being able to identify where that person is for recovery purposes."

On Buffalo Springs Lake, he said this kind of crash is rare, and Corley said "thankfully, we don't have to do this very often."

The agencies searching are doing so in a methodical and efficient way, marking off the places they have searched.

"We have a lot of technology and a lot of manpower out there being used to find a resolution to this."

Corley asked for sensitivity for the families during this time. The age of the missing child is not being released out of respect for the family at this time. Corley also said the ages of the boat operators are unclear at this time.

"I wouldn't want to be in this family's situation at all. This is not something they asked for at all."

Nine people were transported to the hospital Sunday. Corley emphasized boater safety.

"Life jackets save lives. Saved my life. I'm an expert swimmer, I always wear my life jacket. I was on patrol one time and ended up in the water and almost died. If it weren't for my life jacket, I wouldn't be here talking to you all today."

Corley could not confirm whether the occupants of the boats were wearing life jackets.

Crews will be out here everyday searching until something is found. Until then, the lake will be closed off to the public.

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