Texas Tech's 'Celebrate Cotton' game Saturday

Texas Tech's 'Celebrate Cotton' game Saturday


Texas Tech and the Celebrate Cotton campaign is set to host the 6th Annual "Cotton Game" on Sept. 16. The game will be a "White Out," where everyone in the stands will wear white clothing. The game is meant to recognize the cotton industry and is a partnership between Texas Tech Athletics, Plains Cotton Growers and several area agribusinesses.

Plains Cotton Growers holds a cotton runway show Saturday to showcase the latest in clothing made from cotton. Six stores from South Plains Mall provide models with clothing made from at least fifty percent cotton, with most wearing clothes made with one hundred percent cotton. The show is a kickoff to celebrate cotton week.

"It allows people to see just how important it is to wear cotton, because whenever we wear cotton compared to other fibers, we're supporting our local cotton farmers here," Mary Jane Buerkly with Plains Cotton Growers said.

For a list of events leading up to the big "Cotton Game," click here.

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