Jason Corley announces candidacy for County Commissioner

Jason Corley announces candidacy for County Commissioner

LUBBOCK, Texas -

Overcharged and under-managed. That's how a new candidate for Commissioner describes the county government. Jason Corley declares his candidacy for Precinct 2 on the Commissioner's Court.

He goes out of his way to say he'd never vote for a pay raise for himself insinuating the seated court has done the same. He announced at a park in Slaton and said it reflects the reason he decided to run in the first place.

"The trees in the park out here died because of lack of water, because we didn't bother to budget for it," Corley said. "The condition of this park is a lot like the condition of many of our county roads in this area. One, we need to be spending our money smarter than what we're doing; we don't necessarily have to raise taxes to get this stuff taken care of, but we've certainly got to spend smarter."

Mark Heinrich's the Precinct 2 incumbent. He hasn't indicated whether he intends to stay on the court. That election is next November.

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